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traveller, 16.01.2023 (1 год назад)

Getting Thai tourist (TR) visa in Kuala Lumpur Before you came to the Thai embassy in Kuala Lumpur for a visa, you must get "visa slot application" on they website - here:ссылка
For now, new slots appear at midnight Malaysian time, in 14 days before application. And... disappear in a few hours. Currently they website has a bug, so you need to change your computer's timezone to Malaysia, else you will see new slots only at your midnight (which can be too late).
You'll need to receive SMS confirmation on your phone. These SMS successfully receive only to Thai SIM cards, so probably you will need to find in Internet virtual phone service to receive SMS.
After you got the appointment for visa application, do not forget also receive one more for visa collection.
Hint: you can test, will you receive SMS or not, by getting "visa collection" slot, they are always available. If you will enter SMS code, next time from this computer and for this phone number, you'll not requested for SMS anymore (do not forget to cancel appointment if you not planning to use it).
Location of Thai Embassy:ссылка Currently you'll be requested to wear mask before entering inside.

Before coming, you need to download here:ссылка then print, fill and sign checklist and application form.
Many questions - "what to write in Guarantor sections?". Answer: nothing :) These sections are not mandatory for tourist visa application, I left them empty and there was no questions abut it.
Bank statement - we got 3-month bank statement for our accounts in Bangkok bank. Separate document about current amount of bank account not required.
You need to show confirmation of payment for accommodation for all days you planning to stay in Thailand. Ticket reservation from Thailand must be not more than for 60 days from enter date. Yes, you will able to extend your staying in Thailand up to 90 days in Immigration, but ticket for such date they will not accept.

You can book and pay for your accommodation in Thailand at booking.com. However, if you have a rent contract with monthly payments, there is no need to add payment confirmation, a copy of contract is enough. We sent question about it, and Thai embassy answered:

"Dear Evgeniia,
It’s applicable to provide a copy of a contract and pay monthly of your apartment as long as the applicant’s name and the duration of stay was stated clearly

Visa Department, Royal Thai Embassy, KL"

You can book accommodation and tickets for, e.g. 52 days only (as we done), anyway you'll get stamp for 60 days which can be extended for 30 days more at Immigration.
Do not forget a face mask and exactly 160 ringit by cash.
We were asked, "Why you staying in Thailand so long time?" Be ready to answer something on it.
Also, a Chinese (?) couple before us in line, was not able to apply for the visa. They got answer: "You had 5-day overstay 1 year ago, unfortunately we cannot issue visa for you"

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