traveller, 18.12.2014 (7 лет назад)

Opening bank account in Cambodia is easy.

For example, ABA-bank (Advanced Bank of Asia). In Sihanoukville, the branch of ABA bank you can find in Ekarich street, opposite of Samudera supermarket.

You'ii need passport with cambodian visa (may be is enough to have 1-month tourist visa), 20-36 USD, 15 minutes, better if you know local address you living, local cell-phone number, and, maybe, your photo.

You'll asked for purpouse of opening account ("savings account. May be, to getting money from ATM"). If you need just bank account, you can get free card, it will possible to take money only from ABA's ATMs. And, if pay 16$ for 1 year, you can get complete Visa or Mastercard, allows using anythere, allows internet-transactions. In any way, you must pay 20$ for minimal balance of account, this money you can to get back only after closing your bank account.

You will get internet-bank for free. Plastic card will ready within 1 week.

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