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traveller, 12.09.2014 (10 лет назад)

С некоторых пор я обнаружил, что большинство песен Аббы свободно понимаю на слух, хотя в школьные времена это была не более, чем приятная музычка.

Большинство, да не все smile.gif

Abba. On and on and on

I was at a party
And this feller said to me
Something bad is happening
I'm sure you do agree
People care for nothing
No respect for human rights
Evil times are coming
We are in for darker nights

I said who are you
To talk about impending doom
He got kinda wary
As he looked around the room
He said, I'm a minister
A big shot in the state
I said I just can't believe it, boy I
Think it's great
Brother can you tell me
What is right and what is wrong
He said, keep on rocking baby
'Til the night is gone

On and on and on
Keep on rocking baby
'Til the night is gone

Over in the corner
I could see this other guy
He was kinda flirty
He was giving me the eye
So I took advantage
Of the fact that I'm a star
Shook my hair and took
A casual stroll up to the bar
And as sure as hell
This guy was coming up to me
He said, who am I and
Who are you and who are we
What's our situation do
We have some time for us
I said, I was not exactly
Waiting for the bus
He said, if you're going
Somewhere can I come along
I said, keep on rocking baby
'Til the night is gone


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