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traveller, 23.09.2023 (10 месяцев назад)

Mobile Internet in Bali and Indonesia In our last visit to Bali a few years ago, we made a big mistake, because did not buy a local sim-card directly in the airport. It was possible to buy SIM card in many shops later, but it was almost not possible to activate it using a foreign passport. We spent a lot of time searching the shop where they will do all by themself. We finally found it, but it was far not cheap. Later I was able to top-up it only using the service ding.com.

In 2023 situation with sim cards and mobile internet in Bali is much smoother. In the airport you can buy sim-card with 18Gb for 250 000 rupiahs. We did not buy, and searched for the SIM in the local shops in Kuta. There are two most popular mobile operators in Bali: Telcomcell and XL. Many local shops are selling SIM cards of the both operators for 150 000 rupiahs (1$ = 15 000). For Telcomcell the package contains 15 Gb of Internet for 30 days, XL - 19Gb for 30 days.

I've selected XL. The shop sellers inserted the sim into my mobile, activated it with my foreign passport, and I've got quite fast mobile internet. First what I did is downloaded they mobile application - "myXL". It switched to English automatically, and now I can see the balance, top-up my mobile using a credit card, and choose cheap Internet packages.

There are two types of quota: local quota and global quota. As I understand, local quota depends on the district. And when we moved from Kuta to Amed, I found that the local quota was added for free to around 10Gb. It all is very useful, in our guesthouse in Amed Internet is very weak, and only mobile internet helping.

If you planning to stay in Bali longer than 2 months, do not forget to add your mobile phone details into the customs declaration on arrival, else your phone with local sim card will stop working after 60 days.

traveller, 23.09.2023 (10 месяцев назад)

And do not pay "only 150 000 IDR" to airport taxi drivers going to Kuta. Because the normal price is still around 30 000 IDR.
They are liars and scammers like drivers in any airport. If they showing you Grab app with the price 150 000 from airport to your hotel (2-3km), ask them to show the price from hotel to airport. It will around 26 000. Use BlueBird taxi, go to the exit and catch a taxi there (who just brings the passengers into the airport)

I am trying to find Alex Kir, 23.12.2023 (7 месяцев назад)

Hello, I have searched the internet everywhere trying to find Alexander Kir, Alex is this your page? If yes, please send me a message on facebook -ссылка Thank you!!! Also great travel blog

I am trying to find Alex Kir, 23.12.2023 (7 месяцев назад)

Looks like the above link to my facebook page was blocked. Please reach out to me on facebook at Mark Cassini. Website is facebook . com / markcassiniphuket thanks!

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